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Welcome to Diamond Care, Inc.

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Our Mission

Diamond Care Inc. provides services for seniors and adults with physical and cognitive disabilities. Our mission is to enable any adult or senior to safely and comfortably age in their place of choice for as long as possible, with dignity, confidence and, to the greatest degree possible, quality of life, whether it be their own home (our At Home Licensed Professional Care-Provider program) or at our Residential Care Homes in San Joaquin County (French Camp, CA).

Providing high quality, fully licensed professional staff to implement these programs is an essential element that is inherent in every service we provide. It is, in fact, the foundation and hallmark of the organization. Accordingly, we adhere to very strict guidelines and requirements with all of our services and care providers.

In order to respond to the rapidly increasing demand for our services, we are proud to announce the building an additional room with 2 beds to our Residential Care Home in French Camp CA. 

As always, we maintain a safe environment - All patients and care providers are tested on a regular basis to ensure that they test negative for COVID-19. We have been chosen to receive a State of California Residential Care HERO Award for providing an extraordinarily high level of care.

Our Staff and Care Providers

Gloria Murphy
Gloria Murphy is the Chief Executive Officer for all of DCI’s programs. It is her professional expertise and creative abilities that allow the continuation of the vision and direction to oversee the implementation of all DCI programs.  Her extensive background at UCSF, Stanford Hospital, International Ventures assessing medical needs in third world countries, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories working with the State Department, Homeland Defense and locally helping Catholic Charities and the state of California in their quest to support seniors in need of services enables her to address the wide spectrum of health issues that face the community we serve.

Our clients are cared for by professionally licensed care providers such as an RN, LVN's, Psychiatric Technicians, CMA's, Psychologists, and other highly trained and experienced health care professionals. All of our staff are focused on providing comfort and a quality-of-life experience.

The Diamond Care unique care support program offers our seniors a ratio of three to five care providers per one senior (3:5). This ratio allows us to provide hands-on, continuous care with great results.

Providing high-quality professionally licensed staff to implement these programs is an essential element that is inherent in every service we provide. It is, in fact, the foundation and hallmark of the organization. Accordingly, we adhere to very strict guidelines and compliance requirements with all of our services and care providers.

Diamond Care has developed a unique program of licensed care providers working
within a three-part program:

Part 1: Our onsite Residential Care Home in French Camp CA (San Joaquin County)
Part 2: At-Home Adult and Senior Care
Part 3: Ambulatory, Facility Care and Senior Recreational Center Care
  • All our caregivers undergo Diamond Care Personnel Certification
  • First Aid, CPR Training
  • 40 hour Diamond Care didactic and hands-on training
  • Eight hours of at-home Diamond Care client transferring tools training
  • A study binder with all related Diamond Care documents and forms
  • Three hour practical test
  • Three hour written certification test
  • Once a month 2-4 hour continued education
  • Quarterly quality assessment review
  • Once a year written re-certification
  • A thorough check of references, endorsements and a life background check before sending an employee to work with a client
  • Our Professional Care Providers are bonded for your peace of mind

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Diamond Care, Inc.

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  • Bonded
  • Highly Trained
  • Compassionate
  • Family Owned
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Diamond Care Inc is licensed by The State of California, Department of Social Services